August 2017



CGEM Talent: Expands into New Media Production, Adds Two New Managers, Represents Writers for Q4.

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From the desk of Christopher Giovanni – August 21, 2017

What is currently ‘on the table’ for CGEM Talent?

We have a lot of great projects currently in development. Since January 2017, we’ve experienced significant growth here at CGEM. With now over 51+ national commercials and numerous television projects under our belt, we can successfully shift our focus into new media production and increasing our roster capacity.

New Media Production? 

Yes, we have entered development with launching our own series of scripted content. This is a project that has been on our linear for quite some time. We expect to release further details regarding this exciting endeavor early 2018.

What can we expect to see with the client increase for CGEM Talent?

The demand of CGEM Talent has certainly increased over the last eight months. Since January, we’ve averaged over 150 new submissions a month.

To accommodate the surge in applicants, we’ve brought on two new associate managers: Noah ClarkSade Kelly.  With both new managers joining the CGEM Talent force — our roster will stand at 60 maximum capacity.

What is the current status on representing screenwriters and producers?

We have discussed representing screenwriters and film producers.

After much deliberation, we can confirm that we will be moving forward with representing writers in television/film for Quarter 4 2017. We have yet to reach a firm decision on film producers and I can’t see it happening in the immediate future.

What are your next moves?

Show business is always changing. We’re currently analyzing trending topics, and most certainly taking interest in the digital media space. Writers, Actors, & Social Media Influencers will hold a strong position in our business strategy for the remaining quarter of 2017.

We plan to continue our stride of discovering diverse talent in Los Angeles.